Five star service! My 30 years old front door has been closed for years. We had difficulties looking for a new door handle. Physical stores that we visited had few choices… we don’t know how to look for one that can replace our antique looking door handle. We tried to contact a few door companies on the internet- they are not interested in our business- too small a business. By chance I saw Equip-Design’s website when I typed in ‘door handle’. I checked the address- very far from my place. Nevermind I thought, I was desperate. I called their office, a lady called Sansan answered. She was one of the most efficient sales lady I ever known. She told me to communicate by WhatsApp. I sent her the picture of my door handle, she replied by giving me pictures of a few options of replacement. Within 30 minutes- everything is measured, selected and arranged! The best thing is- I didn’t step out of my house! Finally, I can open my front door now! Thanks to Sansan and Equip Design!